Nature meets ceramic

Nature meets ceramic

The Feel Good Collection for women

You've never seen anything like this before at Holzkern! Our new collection blends your favourite materials like nacre and stone with an innovative ceramic material that provides for an unforgettable wearing experience.

Learn all about our 4 innovative and stylish timepieces now!

Experience the unique feel of ceramic and find your new favourite accessory in our Feel Good collection. The smooth surface pampers the skin with a pleasant feel and is allergy-safe. Ceramic is also lightweight - for more ease in your everyday life!

Are you looking for a watch that you can wear every day? Then these 4 timepieces are perfect for you! The scratch- and water-resistant material like ceramic is extremely robust and ensures the durability of your watch. Complemented by nacre, malachite and marble, this timepiece is 100% one-of-a-kind!

Another advantage of our ceramic watches? Infinite colour variety! Ceramic can be made in all kinds of colours and thus easily matched to individual designs. There are no limits to creativity and the next product ideas are not far away :)

Which watch brings a smile to your face?

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