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The well-being of people and nature is an issue very close to our hearts. Ever since the sale of our first Holzkern watch, we’ve sought to collaborate with recognized partners whose goal it is to tackle current problems and offer proper solutions. Today, you can do a good deed with every Holzkern purchase! When you place an order using the order comment NATURE, 10% of the order value will be donated to our current collaborative project.*

It’s that easy:

1. Browse through our diverse selection and find the perfect piece of nature (or even several ;))

2. Place it all in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout

3. Enter the code NATURE in the “order comment” field

Help us to make the world a better place! no additional costs for you | a minimum of effort | we’ll coordinate everything


Planting fruit trees in Uganda together with the Austrian Jane Goodall Institute

Trees play a vital role for people and nature. The climate crisis isn’t going away soon and, thanks to their ability to sequester CO2, trees are an effective means of combating global warming. It’s not only nature that needs healthy trees, fruit trees in particular can make a big difference and serve as nourishment, as well as a source of income.This is exactly where we want to help: our current donation project supports the Austrian Jane Goodall Institute with the cultivation of mango, avocado and cocoa trees in Uganda.

Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall and her institutions are renowned worldwide, and are specifically active with regard to the protection of species, sustainable dealings with nature, comprehensive environmental education and a range of reforestation programs.Plant a fruit tree in Uganda now, and support people, animals and the environment!

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