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World-first: Handbags made from wood & stone

With our brand-new Holzkern Uniqases, we’ve created an exclusive product range that cannot be found anywhere else.

Made from elegant natural materials, these designs are meticulously handcrafted and aren’t just uniquely beautiful, they’re also as light as a feather. Like always, we want to offer all people their own perfect piece of nature. That’s why, with all handbag models, you can decide between genuine Italian leather or a 100% vegan alternative.

Secure one of the first Holzkern Uniqases for yourself and become a new trendsetter!

  1. Ivay


For all of our handbags, we exclusively use superior materials. For the interior of your Uniqase, you can decide between genuine Italian nubuck leather or 100% vegan Washpapa. Both of these fabrics are prized for their pleasantly smooth haptic, as well as their durability and resilience.
A fine skin of warm hardwood or exhilarating slate stone lends our handbags their exquisite and distinctive look. Our stone Uniqases are an absolute world-first that can only be found at Holzkern. Slate distinguishes itself not only because of its beautiful surface lustre, but also its robustness.
These natural materials make every handbag a genuine one-of-a-kind that is absolutely unique and also as light as a feather.

  1. Iveya
    Ochre Slate
    £399 £359

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