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Holzkern Single-Boxes

Our Holzkern Single-Boxes will give you the perfect storage for your unique piece of nature. This box doesn’t just serve as an innovative storage option for your favorite accessory, it can also be used as a decorative item for every setting.

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Holzkern Double-Boxes

The Holzkern Double-Box gives you twice as much space for your favorite pieces of jewelry. Keep your watches, Bandlets or other valuable accessories safe. There are many various designs to choose from that will fit the occasion.

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Holzkern Collector’s Boxes

Holzkern Collector’s Boxes

For Holzkern-lovers: The Holzkern Collector's Boxes. Next to your four favorite Holzkern-pieces (watches, Bandlets, jewelry, etc.), you can keep other things safe that are valuable to you. They’re not just practical, but also look amazing.

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