Our Roots

Our vision

Be proud to be unique

We believe that every person is unique and deserves the opportunity to express their individuality to the outside world. That's why we want to create products that are as unique as you are.

Inspired by humans. Personalised by nature.

Enjoy your time

The world is spinning faster and faster. Information overload and endless possibilities make life more than just easier. Our products are designed to remind you to take time out regularly and focus on the things that really matter with your personal piece of nature by your side.


Strong roots for strong growth

The idea for Holzkern was born in 2015 out of love for nature and with the goal of bringing the conscious use of time to the forefront of everyday life. CEO Elias founded the company alone in Upper Austria at the time, but was soon actively supported by his siblings until the workforce grew to about 150 people.

In the beginning, there were only solid wood watches from Holzkern. There was and is a lot of trial and error, design and tinkering, so that we can now offer both the largest selection and the most unusual designs with outstanding quality on the market. The assortment has constantly expanded which is why you can now also find high-tech watches made from natural materials in combination with stainless steel or carbon, along with exclusive women's and men's jewellery, stylish sunglasses with wooden elements and handbags with wood and stone skin. By the way, stone bags are really only available at Holzkern ;)

Where we are today

Our mission

Your satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Holzkern. It always has been and always will be. For this reason, we place great emphasis on the outstanding quality of our products. All of our creations are constantly being improved so that we can guarantee you the long-lasting enjoyment of your unique product.

Our focus is on optimal order processing. We ship every order as quickly as possible, many even on the same day. But of course, you can't make an omelet without eggs. That's why we have a well-trained, competent customer support team that is always ready to help you and offer the best service possible.

Your natural one-of-a-kind

Our goal is to provide the perfect one-of-a-kind product We think that there are enough watches, jewellery pieces and accessories that all look the same. That's why we decided to work with natural materials like wood, stone or nacre. Meanwhile you can find more than 50 different materials in our assortment. Here, too, quality and durability are our top priorities, so only the highest quality raw materials make it to Holzkern.

Our responsibility

As a modern company, we are aware of the responsibility we bear towards society and the environment.
When it comes to the raw materials we use, we pay special attention to where they come from. Originally, we only used residual wood from the furniture industry for our products. But now, for the sake of the environment, we work with FSC-certified wood wherever possible.
We also want to give something back to society and therefore cooperate with various organisations that care about the welfare of people, animals and nature. Find out how you can help without extra cost or effort and check out all of our partners.

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