Maraschino & Pixa

Brazilian Summer Style - the Pixa & Maraschino Collections

The jewellery from our “Pixa” Collection delivers hot Brazilian summer style, and our “Maraschino” watches will be there with a cocktail to directly hit the spot.

Before vacation - during vacation - after vacation: Holzkern Brazilian summer style always by your side!

You’re not the only one who loves a bit of a splash on hot summer days, our watches and jewellery are also genuine water-lovers. Stainless steel and mysteriously shimmering nacre make sure that your Holzkern piece of nature is guaranteed waterproof and never loses colour.

Watches and jewellery crafted from stainless steel and nacre, perfect for your summer!


A cocktail without a cherry is like an outfit without a wristwatch.


Hot pieces of jewellery full of Brazilian temperament.

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