Bariton Collection

The Baritone Bandlet Collection

Discover Holzkern’s unique interpretation of the Baritone!

More about the Baritone Collection:

For many, the Baritone is the most beautiful of all male singing voices. Being of medium pitch, it unifies the power and dignity of deep bass with the gloss of a higher tenor.

Our waterproof Bandlets made from wood and stainless steel should help you to make the most of life’s diverse occasions, and thereby develop and enhance your own personal strengths.

NOW: Find your personally unique model from our Baritone Collection today - available only while stocks last!

Zebrawood/Blue Maple/Silver Maple/Blue

Our unique selection of Bandlets is inspired by the idea of using linked watch bracelets as jewellery. Each piece represents our commitment to delivering stylish natural materials in premium quality for everyday life. Find your own personally special model today.

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