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In an age where timekeeping has been relegated to the margins of a smartphone’s display, the modern man’s choice to wear a watch is not just a subtle rejection of a technology-obsessed culture, but a show of appreciation for the era of craftsmanship which came before it.

Self-winding Self-Expresser

The choice for an automatic watch is one for a self-winding form of self-expression.
Part of the gravitas of an automatic watch lies in the smooth and silent sweeping motion of the second hand. Thanks to the sophistication in its engineering, it gracefully moves time forward without the hearty "tick" common in quartz movements.
Prestige and luxury appeal aside, automatic watches always manage to draw the interest of the discerning buyer with a curiosity for the complex.

Skeleton watches with large viewing windows

You Move—It Moves

Contrary to a quartz movement, your continued motion winds the mainspring and brings the mechanical movement to life.
If you take care of it, the watch will keep you punctual for many years to come without a battery.
This relationship between timekeeping and your own kinetic energy unfolds within the movement, a process revealed by an "open-heart" window in our dials and via a sapphire crystal case back.

The classic designs of our Skyline Collection

Design by Holzkern—Unique by Nature

Holzkern is proud to provide quality automatic watches that are sure to stand out even in a crowd of peacocks. Our designs are meant to reflect a general interest in nature and the diversity in materials which it provides.
Your connection to the watch is what powers it, nature is what makes it a one-of-a-kind.

Unique automatic watches

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