Nacre & Ceramic

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Discover the dreamy combination of nacre and ceramic! Our one-of-a-kind Mirrordance presents itself as an incredibly elegant contemporary, in completely glossy gray. Iridescent nacre adds an extra touch of luxury to the simple elegance of automatic and ceramic and is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention!

An enchanting sight unfolds in the kaleidoscope. Crystals, mirrors, and light create artistic patterns and transport you into a vibrant world full of colors, fantasy, and fascination.

EAN: # 9010631017026


36mm diameter, made of stainless steel in dark gray
Unique mosaic of blue nacre
Automatic movement by Citizen
Ceramic and stainless steel in dark gray (fits every wrist)
Extra Features
Luminescent hands (makes it easier to read time in the dark)
Water-resistant up to 5 ATM
Manual & further information about the watch

Core Features

Automatic Movement

Automatic watch movements represent the original and traditional functionality of wristwatches. This technology makes use of gravity and transforms the motion of your arm into energy to wind up your timepiece.
So that your automatic watch keeps running when it’s kept still, it features a power reserve with which it will keep running for 35-60 hours, depending on the type of inbuilt clockwork you have.
Stay in motion and your watch will do the same!



What glimmers so beautifully? Nacre comes from the shell of shellfish and is known for its extraordinary iridescence. When it comes to elegance, hardly any other material comes as close to beauty as this from the sea. In order to offer the perfect design for every personality, we use special dyeing techniques for nacre that make it shine in all colours of the rainbow.



A timeless beauty. Ceramic is an exclusive material that has been used to craft high-quality timepieces since the 1980s. It is extremely robust, scratch-resistant, and provides a comfortable wearing experience. UV-resistant and waterproof, ceramic products retain their beautiful appearance for years. However, above all, we value the material for its infinite diversity of colours, which means that we can unleash our creativity and spoil our customers with new striking designs.

Luminous Hands & Marks

You can always rely on our timepieces with luminescent hands and marks!
Special pigments absorb UV and artificial light and make the dial glow. This way, your piece of nature is not only a great companion to you during the day, but also during nighttime, helping you always get the time right, even in the dark.
The more time you spend in the sun, the brighter your watch will shine at night!