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Simplicity is a strength! Modest people don't need much to be happy and can appreciate the things that really matter in life.
Our sunglasses also come without frills and convince with a simple solid wood design and stabilizing carbon fibre.

- Balanced, uncomplicated, down-to-earth, content -

EAN: # 9010631014902


Frame material: Genuine fine grain walnut wood with carbon fibre

Temple material: Genuine fine grain walnut wood

Lenses: TAC lenses in grey; polarized and UV 400 protection, light filter category 3; 43x50mm (h x w)

Size: 139x145x43mm (frame width x temple length x lens height); bridge

CE seal of approval - guaranteed UV protection according to European standard


Core Features

Carbon Resistance

Carbon Resistance

Carbon likes to be the center of attention for us! The modern high-tech material consists of approximately 95% pure carbon and is considered one of the most resilient materials ever. With extremely high resilience and low material wear, it gives our unique pieces a long life. At the same time, the low density and weight ensure a comfortable feel. At the core of some of our sunglasses or as part of an innovative dial in select limited editions, carbon fibre keeps enjoying great popularity!

Polarised Glass

Polarised Glass

Polarised glasses capture light reflections within your field of sight and provide for clearer vision. Light that reaches the eye is dulled and therefore much less blinding. A person’s sight is substantially clearer and sharper. The perception of colours is also improved. Ideal for sunny days in nature ;)

UV 400

Whether you’re on the beach, in the city or snowboarding on the mountain tops, with your Holzkern sunglasses you are always optimally protected. Sunglasses with UV 400 protection prevent all UV rays with wavelengths between 280 to 400 nanometres from reaching your eyes. With these kinds of sunglasses, all ultraviolet A, B and C rays that are dangerous for the eye are blocked.

TAC Lenses

An additional feature that adds even more quality to our sunglasses is the polarised TAC lenses. TAC is short for “Triacetate Cellulose” and it describes an incredibly lightweight and robust material that can be used on the lenses as well as the frame. It is composed of 7 layers and its production is particularly compley, because the original material consists mainly of cotton or beech tree wood.

Anti-Reflective Coating (AR Coating)

The anti-reflective coating of our glasses reduces the visible light for the eye and provides protection against glare. The glare-protection factor is divided into different categories and glasses are conceptualized for particular light circumstances. The calculation for the respective category can be found on the inside of the glasses. A glare-protection factor of 3 (out of 4) comes with this model, meaning it has a transparency of 8 to 18 percent, and the sunglasses are very well suited for sunny regions, bright water surfaces, the beach and the mountains.


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