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Brand new at Holzkern - our Sunglasses

Exclusive styles, pleasant wearing comfort & quality lenses with optimal UV-protection

Sunglasses shouldn’t just be practical, in today’s world they’ve also become essential accessories. That’s why we have the highest standards at Holzkern regarding the quality, and also the design, of our products.

Discover our first sunglasses now and find your perfect companion for every Golden Hour!


  1. The Achiever
    Walnut & Copper
    €99 €84
  2. The Risky
    Walnut & Dark Grey
    €119 €101
  3. The Comedian
    Walnut & Honey
    €89 €76
  4. The Globetrotter
    Walnut & Ash
    €149 €104

Pure Nature.
The same as with all Holzkern products, our sunglasses are handcrafted with love. In our production, we only use the most selective natural materials that we’re sure will bring joy for a long time. Thanks to the distinctive structures of our premium woods, no model is the same as the next - this means your sunglasses are absolutely unique!

Our Holzkern Promise.
In order to protect your eyes from the sun, we also place value in using specially produced TAC-glasses. These consist of 7 layers which ultimately provide for maximum UV-protection and polarization. Thanks to the high level of glare protection, our sunglasses aren’t only suitable for warm summer days in nature, but also mountaineering adventures in the snow. That means you can always easily recharge in the sunshine, no matter where you are!

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