Wide range of materials from HOLZKERN

We’ve always specialised in working with natural materials to create our accessories: watches, jewellery, sunglasses, and even handbags! Today, we offer a wide range of designs from more than 50 raw materials (and the number keeps on growing!).

Why do we focus on natural materials?

First and foremost, we want to offer each person a unique piece that is as special as he or she is. It is our vision to remind you every day what’s really important in life and how precious your time is.

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Natural materials like wood, stone or nacre have the great advantage of being naturally unique. Each wood is never like the other: depending on where a tree grew up and the climate it was exposed to, its wood differs not only in colouration, but also in grain and structure. The same is true for other raw materials, like marble, sodalite, slate or nacre: each piece has its own individual look.
So we can promise you that your Holzkern piece is 100% unique and there is no other in the world that looks exactly the same - just like your fingerprint or the colour of your eyes.

How do we choose the right material for each product?

Of course, when choosing our materials, we can’t only focus on how they look. We handcraft products that are intended to be your constant daily companions and therefore, they must have other certain properties. For example, our dials have a very high resistance to breakage. Although they are only a few millimeters thin, they can withstand various pressures without any problems.

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The origin of the raw materials is, of course, also of utmost importance to us. For example, we work with tropical woods to be able to offer a great variety of colours. We care about the environment, so we mostly use FSC-certified wood. Where this is not possible, only residual wood from other industries, such as the furniture industry, is used - classic upcycling, in other words.

From raw materials to quality products

To ensure that our products serve you well in everyday life, they are further refined before being offered to you. A natural water-based varnish protects the wood from external influences such as moisture and also ensures a lasting beautiful shine.

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We’ve even been able to make many of our wood products completely waterproof thanks to our special Hydro-Defense technology. In this process, the wood is coated with transparent epoxy resin, so liquids simply roll off.
To ensure that our designs deliver what they promise, invisible metal reinforcements are sometimes built into the wood to maintain the classic Holzkern look. Some of our sunglasses even have carbon reinforcements to ensure the highest possible stability of the wood.

Our Core Materials


We love wood for so many of its properties. Hardly any other material offers as many colours, facets and structures. Apart from its durability, it’s an extremely lightweight material that provides for a comfortable wearing experience and has a pleasant feel.

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Overall, wood's unique aesthetics and durability make it an excellent material for making watches and jewellery. A stylish choice for those looking for unique, high-quality and durable accessories.


Whether blue, red, green, spotted, striped or patterned - gemstones and minerals come in all colours and shapes. That's exactly why we love to use them for our various designs.

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In addition to marble, lapis lazuli, sodalite and tiger's eye, we use about 20 other stones and minerals for our products. As with wood, no two stones are alike, making each model a unique specimen.


With its unique shimmer, nacre gives our designs that certain something. In terms of elegance, hardly any other material comes close to this beauty from the sea.

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To offer the perfect design for every personality, we use special dyeing techniques for nacre that make it shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow. Naturally white nacre becomes the perfect complement to any look.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel isn't an all-natural material but always plays a big role in our designs. Since day one, we've been using high-quality 316L stainless steel, also known as surgical steel.

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This is ideal for watches and jewellery thanks to its stability and corrosion resistance. It is also anti-allergenic and can therefore be worn by most allergy sufferers without any problems. The different colours of stainless steel are created by a special coating process called ion plating. This ensures that jewellry neither stains nor fades.

Would you like to learn more about individual materials? Here, you can find detailed information about different raw materials.

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