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Our Roots

What is Holzkern all about? Rural idyll and urban style!

Our team during company vacation

We are a young startup company from Austria working in partnership with experienced watch manufacturers to transform raw, natural materials into unique timepieces. This section of our website is intended to help inform our customers about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Enjoy your time!
Your Holzkern Team

Why we do what we do

Our team picturing the Holzkern logo

Modern society is able to provide us with an enormous amount of information, stimulation and seemingly endless opportunities in life. The pressure to use this information, stay stimulated and pick & choose which opportunities to pursue has become a fundamental source of stress and anxiety for the aspirational youth. Today's world is marked by a consumption of enormous amounts of information and seemingly endless opportunities of what to do in life. Despite the wealth in the first world, young people often feel overwhelmed by their options and experience excessive pressure, stress and quite frequently self doubt.

We firmly believe that a “time-out” in the glory and splendor of nature is one of the best ways to practice self-reflection during such overwhelming times—to slow down and become more aware of what we may be neglecting, taking for granted, and reconsider our paths in life.

To express our appreciation for this quality time and symbolize our company’s mission, we have chosen the annual growth rings of a tree as our logo. With this philosophy at our core we aim to provide a unique and personal piece of nature for all of our customers which may serve as a daily reminder to make the most of every moment.

Wood and Stone - Our Materials

Assembly by hand

"Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique." That’s more than just a catchy slogan to us—it explains our strong connection to the materials which have been used by every civilization throughout human history: WOOD and STONE.

Our watches are made with a wide variety of premium hardwoods sourced from all over the planet. This provides us with the flexibility to offer so many unique products in a plethora of designs. Furthermore, aside from its naturally unique aesthetic, a wood watch is exceptionally comfortable to wear due to the lightweight and inimitable haptic of wood. 

To make absolutely sure that our customers have an opportunity to purchase a quality, stylish product that is both natural and unique from any other wood watches out there, we also employ a variety of quality stone in many of our product designs. This pairing of natural materials together with classic and minimalistic designs is what truly sets Holzkern apart.

Fair and sustainable actions

Team in nature

“More giving than taking” - we believe that everyone should be guided by these principles and, as a producer of natural products for nature-loving customers, we take the greatest efforts to put this into practice.

We put our energy into things that we love doing: the design and production of uniquely natural watches and jewelry. We keep all our other company processes to a minimum in order to reach the following goals:

  1. We want to offer you a fair price for our natural products
  2. We want to give something back to nature and the environment

We take care of the first point. For the second point, we need the help of you and our partners. With every order placed, you now have the opportunity to donate 10% of the purchase price to a charitable project. Naturally, at no extra cost and without any further effort from your side!

This way, we can be sure that we’re supporting the goals of environmental protection, social equality and saving the climate.

Many thanks for your help!