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A piece of nature

What do our wood watches represent?

Holzkern watches are meant to be more than just timekeepers. Regardless of where or when you are in life, as a product of nature, our watches are meant to not only help you make the most out of your time, but also to serve as a daily reminder to celebrate the natural world and to reflect on your individuality.

We at Holzkern would like to encourage you to spend time with loved ones and on meaningful ventures: Travel, celebrate with friends, or simply have a seat, put your feet up, and relax. We would also like to invite you to become a part of our community and show us what you’re making out of your time on Facebook and Instagram.

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Enjoy your time!

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uniquely natural. naturally unique.

  1. Natural resources

    Natural Materials & Passionate Craftsmanship

    Our watches are manufactured by hand from high-quality wood and stone. Through the careful selection of these and other premium materials, as well as the unique texture inherent to each piece of wood and stone, it is ensured that each of our watches will be a one-of-a-kind, natural specimen.

  2. Unique Designs

    Unique Designs & High-Quality Movements

    Inspired by picturesque landscapes and unique urban spaces, our designs bring modern style together with a natural aesthetic and as a result, Holzkern watches are noteworthy companions for every occasion, regardless of the fashion. Now, as beautiful as our watches are on the outside, we also carefully consider their inner beauty when selecting their movements. To ensure longevity and reliability, we rely on well-established Swiss and Japanese manufacturers, namely Ronda, Citizen, and Seiko.

  3. Reinvestment

    Affordable Prices & Reinvesting in Nature

    As a small company, we reduce expenses where it makes sense. That’s why we maintain a very lean organizational structure in the company and precisely coordinate the distribution of our products. In this way, our customers are guaranteed to receive their orders in mint condition, as well as at a fair and reasonable price. Together, with your help, we are able to re-invest in the environment with a portion of each sale. You can read more about this topic in the OUR ROOTS section.

Countless Designs - Limited Production Series

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Time for Nature - Time for you

Time for Nature - Blog

Retreat to nature for a long-overdue break from the humdrum of modern life!

If it’s beyond your reach at the moment, you can peruse our blog page “Time for Nature” where we feature breathtaking images of natural landscapes and landmarks captured by our team of Holzkern photographers. Allow these amazing images to inspire you and use them as a reminder to practice reflection and thankfulness.


Photography is your passion and you want to share an unforgettable journey with our community? Then send us an email to with your contribution to our blog!

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