elegant wristwatches made of wood and stone

your personal piece of nature

A piece of nature

Holzkernwatches are meant to be more than simple timekeepers. We think nature is an expression of personality and therefore the origin of individual fulfillment. That is why our timepieces are supposed to remind you every day to make the most out of your time as your very own piece of nature - no matter when or where you are.

Spend time with people you love and realize meaningful projects: travel, celebrate with friends, work on something that is fulfilling or at some point simply relax. Become part of our community and share with us on Facebook and Instagram what you are up to!

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Enjoy your time!

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uniquely natural. naturally unique.

  1. Natural resources

    Natural Materials & Passionate Craftsmanship

    Our watches are manufactured by hand using exquisite types of hardwood from all over the world. A thorough selection of our raw materials as well as the unique texture that every piece of timber and each stone entail ensure that each of our products is one of a kind. This way you can wear your very own piece of nature on your wrist every day.

  2. Unique Designs

    Unique Designs & High Quality Movements

    Inspired by picturesque landscapes along with urban places, our designs combine modern style with your bond to our nature. This makes your watch an extraordinary accessory for all occasion – no matter what the dress code. As we equally care for the inner values, our clock units made by well-known manufacturers like the Swiss Company Ronda as well as Citizen or Seiko guarantee accuracy and durability.

  3. Reinvestment

    Affordable Prices & Reinvestment Nature

    We lower costs by reconsidering all of our tasks – that is why the young company´s structures are individually regulated and distribution concepts are coordinated precisely. That enables us to deliver your Holzkernwatch not only with maximum quality, but also at a price that won’t hurt your budget. Last but not least with your help we are able to reinvest in our environment through every watch sold. Read more on this topic in the category OUR ROOTS.

Time for Nature - Time for you

Time for Nature - Blog

Are you trapped in the stress of everyday life? Enjoy your timeout in our nature!

In our blog “Time for Nature“ we proudly introduce our Holzkern photographers, who will show you awe-inspiring natural sceneries and beautiful landmarks. Be inspired by their amazing work and use the inspiration as a daily reminder to focus on what is really important in life and practicing gratitude.


PS: You are photographer and want to share your adventures in nature with us? We are looking forward to hearing from you at rebekka@holzkern.com

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