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The Paradise Collection (36 mm)

The Paradise Collection

You slip your toes into the warm, soft white sandy beach, thick green palm leaves offer a friendly retreat from the hot sun, but you've only just arrived and can't turn your eyes away from the vast deep-blue ocean in front of you. You take a deep breath, feel the sun on your skin, and enjoy a blissful moment in paradise.

Named after paradisal islands, the models of this collection embody the spirit of simplistic natural beauty. Slim case designs made of fine hardwood and stainless steel material accentuate the real nacre dials which are minimally marked to showcase their quality and maintain a minimalistic aesthetic.

Get yourself a piece of paradise!

The Citypark Collection  (36 mm)

The Citypark Collection 

One in search of a semblance of calm in even the densest metropolis can seek refuge in the oasis of a tranquil city park. The watch designs in the City Park collection lend a modern style with elements of urban areas to the wearer.

Named after some of the most beautiful city parks in the world, these elegant timepieces feature a wood or marble dial in a 36mm case, and bezels in a variety of different colors all secured to your wrist with leather.

The Citypark Collection (40 mm)

The Citypark Collection

One in search of a semblance of calm in even the densest metropolis can seek refuge in the oasis of a tranquil city park. The watch designs in the City Park collection lend a modern style with elements of urban areas to the wearer.

Named after some of the most beautiful city parks in the world, these eight, elegant timepieces feature 40mm dials made of wood, 7 mm housings, and bezels in a variety of different colors all secured to your wrist with genuine nubuck leather.

The Sundance Collection (40 mm)

The Sundance Collection

The new solar-powered watches in the Sundance Collection are Holzkern’s contribution to the narrowed gap between nature and modern technology.
Named after impressive solar phenomena, the eye-catching models in this collection feature a modern design with a combination of stainless steel, and a hardwood or marble dial.

Refuel your very own piece of nature with the power of the sun and enjoy your time!

The Sundance Collection (36 mm)

The Sundance Collection

The new solar-powered watches in the Sundance Collection are Holzkern’s contribution to the narrowed gap between nature and modern technology.
With an elegant, minimalistic design inspired by the light of our lives, each of these models are a tribute to the “great ball of fire” and the many incredible solar phenomena we are able to observe.
Pronounced elements of wood and marble round out the 316L stainless steel construction, making your wrist an absolute eye-catcher and an ideal companion for everyday life.

Refuel your very own piece of nature with the power of the sun and enjoy your time!

The Skyline Collection (38 mm)

The Skyline Collection

Prominent city-skylines can be thought of as boundaries between nature’s calm and the ceaseless activity of the urban jungle. Stately buildings by day and fascinating plays of light by night, each skyline imparts definition and singularity to its metropolis.

The watches in the Skyline collection will do the same for you with their elegant combinations of wood, stone, and stainless steel. In addition to a sub-dial displaying seconds, each model also offers a view to its automatic movement via windows in both the face and rear of the watch.

Just keep moving and your watch will do the same – even without a battery.

The Coast Collection (28 mm)

The Coast Collection

Are you living according to the motto “Life’s a beach”? Can't get enough sand between your toes? Constantly dreaming of azure oceans? If that’s the case, this is the collection for you.

Graceful 28mm watch cases available in three different colors with dials made of genuine nacre make the models in the Coast collection a wonderful reminder of the sun, the sea and beautiful beaches.

Get yourself a slice of summer to wear every day of the year.

The Oasis Collection (36 mm)

The Oasis Collection

Countless stories about adventures across the desert mention an oasis as this magical source of life in the middle of a wasteland.

You might think of oases as critical pit-stops in historical trade and transportation routes across desert areas: a place to replenish your water and relax before continuing on your journey. 

Our Oasis Collection is a tribute to these magical and vital places. These elegant watches made of wood and stainless steel shall be your reminder to take some time for yourself during your journey and celebrate how far you've come. :)

The Highline Collection (38 mm)

The Highline Collection

Whether it is fallen tree, constellations of eroded stone, or the lianas of jungle vines, the first bridge builders drew inspiration for their ideas from nature. Even nowadays, many modern bridge layouts are based upon the static principles of their natural predecessors.

Since antiquity, bridges have connected not only shores and riverbanks, but also people and cultures. The watches in our Highline collection combine a top-notch design with distinctive dials. Seconds, minutes, hours, and days; let this watch remind you of the relationship between them.

The 4 Seasons Collection (40 mm)

The 4 Seasons Collection

Winter, spring, summer and autumn – a taste of the four seasons' diversity is captured in this collection. Every piece has something different to offer and we hope that each of these can remind you of those moments which stand out during the year.

These watches feature a classic design with 40 mm dials made of different types of wood or marble. Its universal size will fit every wrist and its style will fit every occasion.

The Elements Collection (30 mm)

The Elements Collection

Air, Earth, Fire and Water – the models in this collection are distinguished by the colors of the elements represented with precious dials made of wood or stone. These watches have a housing diameter of 30 mm, making them an ideal size for more petite wrists.

Peculiar color combinations and exquisite wood – which element reflects your nature?

The Horizon Collection (38 mm)

The Horizon Collection

Ancient Greek astronomers used the words “horízōn (kuklos)", meaning ‘limiting (circle)’, when describing the limits of our visual perception of the Earth and the celestial bodies which surround it. As a border between the sky and our earthly kingdoms, the horizon offers not only overpowering spectacles of nature, but also demonstrates the boundaries of our minds in that as your point of view shifts, so too will your horizon.

As a change in scenery can offer divergence from a routine perspective, our eight impressive models of the Horizon collection can be yet another reminder that you need not venture far beyond your comfort zone in order to greatly change your perspective.

Broaden your horizon!

The Emotions Collection (36 mm)

The Emotions Collection

A classic minimalist design and exciting color combinations make each of the watches in our Emotions Collection a unique accessory for every outfit.

Look forward to the exceptional feel and aesthetic of carefully selected hardwood or stone, and the comfort of a lightweight watch weighing under 45 grams.

The Temple Collection (38 mm)

The Temple Collection

For millennia, temples have been the center of cities and bring together all parts of the society to a single place.

Palatial buildings made of fine materials and fashioned by the most skilled craftsmen available form a center of belonging and cohesion - a home for everyone!

Find a little sanctuary of your own in our collection with designs featuring clean lines and unique marble and lapis lazuli dials.

The Fairy Tale Collection (38 mm)

The Fairy Tale Collection

Stories and fairy tales mark our way from the early childhood on and impart moral concepts and ideals through playful ways. Magical foreign worlds, talking animals as well as princesses and princes take us in their spell and make us forget space and time just for these little, special moments.

With unique hardwoods, automatic movements and fairy-tale-like dial designs with rhinestones the watches of this collection invite you to dream a little of those worlds every day and therefore make your daily life just a little more colourful.

Take a little fairy-tale-time with Holzkern :)

The Summit Collection (38 mm)

The Summit Collection

Fresh air, a panoramic view and the feeling of freedom: mountains will always fascinate and inspire human kind. Mythical mountain ranges are often the birthplace of legends with their seemingly boundless and unforgiving terrain. They have however, also become a premiere destination for recreation as more and more people escape from the modern world to bask in their majesty, conquer lofty peaks, and elevate themselves .

Named after some of Earth’s largest and most impressive mountains, this collection of watches stands out with its 38 mm case and stylish dial design.

The Dream Worlds Collection (36 mm)

The Dream Worlds Collection

Our dreams belong to us people like the air to breathe.
Each of us dreams - an average of 5-7 years in our lives, we spend in other worlds and offer our brain the opportunity for regeneration.

At night, we dream to recover from everyday life. By day, we dream to live.
Dreams relax us, bring excitement to our lives and the pursuit of our dreams makes sense of our existence.

In a filigree style with an elegant combination of wood, stone and stainless steel, our models are reminiscent of the diversity and magic within our very own dream worlds.
For those who dreamed of greater customization, these models also feature an innovative easy-switch bezel system allowing you to change up the style of your watch.

Take time to have new dreams and act on them in everyday life!

The Flower Collection (36 mm)

The Flower Collection

More than 200,000 different blooming plant species make our planet a vibrant and colorful place to live. Greeting someone with flowers is an age-old method of sharing beauty with our friends and loved ones.

The four watches of the Flower collection feature rather unique dials made with precious marble and a special wood-pressing process. If a singular blossom is enough to bring tears to the eye, you might want to prepare some tissues when wearing one of these watches.

The Urban Style Collection (40 mm)

The Urban Style Collection

High above the city’s rooftops.

Stand out from the crowd.
Stay true to yourself.
Find your style.
Be unique.

Less is more with our urban style collection.
Focus on the essentials.
Be yourself!

The Classic Collection (38 mm)

The Classic Collection

Classical antiquity has been touted by some as an incredible period of social and cultural innovation in the Mediterranean region which was fundamental in the shaping of today's western civilizations. To quote Edgar Allan Poe, this era encapsulates "the glory that was Greece, and the grandeur that was Rome."

This was also a time where the artistic forms of human expression flourished, innovators were celebrated, and in which famous thinkers molded enduring world views. The exceptional raw materials and unique designs of our four automatic watches, named after famous philosophers, should be a tribute to their fundamental contributions.

Each an allegory for constant advancement in contrast to the immutability of fundamental values.

The Cliffhanger Collection (36 mm)

The Cliffhanger Collection

In its own way, mother nature is creating unique rock formations and coastal sections with impressive cliffs through the sheer force of her elements. Formed over several millennia, those natural sculptures transform each landscape into something wonderfully unique and prove yet again that nature is the most patient of Earth's artists.

Our Cliffhanger collection is dedicated to those natural works of art and should remind one of the awesome elemental forces which led to their creation.

Grab onto the edge with your very own Cliffhanger.

The Steppe Collection (40 mm)

The Steppe Collection

In the temperate regions situated to both sides of the equator one can find a landform that offers its visitors an uninterrupted view towards the horizon in all of the four cardinal directions: The Steppes.

Scarce flora and seemingly endless planes form an environment free of distractions and allow you to focus more on yourself and be more sensitive to the things that really matter.

A mentality that the watches of this collection should remind you to keep on each hectic day through their minimalist design and elegantly slim case structure.

The Modern Times Collection (41 mm)

The Modern Times Collection

Named after famous explorers of the modern era, this collection offers creative new designs for these crazy times. With a bold, circular shape and a dual-layered dial made of hardwood and one of eight varieties of marble, each one of these eye-catchers makes a strong statement.

Go forth on your next expedition with your favourite explorer!

The Roadtrip Collection (42 mm)

The Roadtrip Collection

Endless roads melting into the horizon. The sound of your favorite music is melding with the scenery as it whizzes by. Countless impressions allow you to forget all that is known, forging a new awareness if but for a moment.

Curiosity determines your path. There is no precise destination. Experience it.

Named after a few of the most stunning routes in the world, the four models in the Road Trip collection feature an embossed diamond-patterned dial with two sub-dials.

Let this watch remind you of past adventures and inspire your future journeys.

The Rooftop Collection (36 mm)

The Rooftop Collection

High above the streets, one can escape the noise of the city and absorb its beauty from a unique vantage. From the bustle of the city center to the natural world which lies beyond the city limits – A view from afar provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your perspective.

The four models of the Rooftop collection are named after famous rooftop bars and feature a simplistic modern design which make them excellent companions for many occasions.

The Cosmos Collection (38 mm)

The Cosmos Collection

A glance into a clear night’s sky begs the contemplation of the mystery of space and the infinite universe. While we remain on earth, meddling amongst ourselves, the stars and their secrets await.

Our Cosmos collection connects natural wood with metallic elements and its namesake should remind you of the awe-inspiring forms, colors, and potential we see in our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our local galactic group, our local supercluster, and the observable universe.

Four marvelous planets - which one will you wear on your wrist?

The Terra Collection (40 mm)

The Terra Collection

Darkness, silence, and loneliness fill us with fear, yet for some reason the allure of the vast unknown and unexplored expanses in caves fascinate us. Something incredible happens in a place where fascination and curiosity prevail. Fear becomes excitement, strength, and joy. A feeling well known to those first plunging into the depths of a cave. Those souls who have lost themselves in the darkness and are able to keep calm can find light, and their way out.

One might not expect enlightenment to come from within the darkness of a cave, but deep down in the earth there is no noise, nothing to distract you—only silence and utter darkness.
Nothing remains. Just you.

With a modern design and a combination of metal, wood, and stone, our Terra collection serves as a token reminder of Earth’s most breathtaking caves with a high-contrast rounded dial symbolizing the transition into another world. These timepieces should remind you to boldly go into the unknown and discover yourself in the process.

Face the darkness and see the light!