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You’ll find our wide range of Holzkern accessory products here. Whether it’s wooden safe-keeping boxes, additional wristbands and bezels for watches, care products, or special wooden postcards - with this great selection no wish should go unfulfilled. The diverse sizes, colors and versions will ensure you’re properly equipped for any and all situations and occasions.

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Holzkern Single-Boxes

Our Holzkern Single-Boxes will give you the perfect storage for your unique piece of nature. This box doesn’t just serve as an innovative storage option for your favorite accessory, it can also be used as a decorative item for every setting.

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Holzkern Double-Boxes

The Holzkern Double-Box gives you twice as much space for your favorite pieces of jewelry. Keep your watches, Bandlets or other valuable accessories safe. There are many various designs to choose from that will fit the occasion.

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Care products

Care products

“Take care of the things you love” is our motto. That’s why we would like to introduce our range of Holzkern care products.

You’ll find all kinds of accessories that treat the natural materials like wood and stone that are built into your unique item and make them shine.