Holzkern Creative Studio

Whether it's the latest highlights in fashion, interesting facts about wood and stone or any type of news regarding watches - we are the ones informing and keeping you up to date regularly on all the latest trends regarding our unique products :)

What is there to know about us?

Benita: can not pass by a cat without petting it
Rebekka: would not be able to survive without peanut butter and schwedenbomben
Nina: loves horror movies but has to turn her eyes away from jump scares
Sergiu: feeds any stray cat he meets on the streets
Yannick: is always wearing a watch
Birgit: is our wide-smiling yoga teacher who is in love with parmesan cheese
Jannick: Is part of 4 different Cook-Teams in our office
Felix: All I need to be happy are mist, mountains and a camera

Enjoy your time!
Your Holzkern Editors


  1. The Allegro Bandlet-Collection
  2. Our Bestseller Manhattan (42mm)
  3. Handmade from wood and stone
  4. The Holzkern Birthday Special
  5. The Natural Art Collection (36x41mm)
  6. The Focus Jewelry Collection
  7. The Supersense Special Edition (42mm)
  8. Presents for weddings
  9. Presents for HER
  10. Your Holzkern watch as the symbol of a joyful day!
  11. The 2021 Holzkern Matching-Pairs Game
  12. The Fortuna Collection (28mm)