Holzkern Creative Studio

Whether it's the latest highlights in fashion, interesting facts about wood and stone or any type of news regarding watches - we are the ones informing and keeping you up to date regularly on all the latest trends regarding our unique products :)

What is there to know about us?

Benita: can not pass by a cat without petting it
Rebekka: would not be able to survive without peanut butter and schwedenbomben
Nina: loves horror movies but has to turn her eyes away from jump scares
Sergiu: feeds any stray cat he meets on the streets
Yannick: is always wearing a watch
Birgit: is our wide-smiling yoga teacher who is in love with parmesan cheese
Jannick: Is part of 4 different Cook-Teams in our office
Felix: All I need to be happy are mist, mountains and a camera

Enjoy your time!
Your Holzkern Editors


  1. The Wassily Limited Edition (40mm)
  2. The Geyser Collection (43mm)
  3. The Holzkern Jackpot Summer
  4. Bee-with-Holzkern Project
  5. The Stairway Collection (43mm)
  6. The Hanami Collection (36mm)
  7. The Effigy Jewelry Collection
  8. Holzkern in its Natural Environment: What our customers say about their favorite Holzkern
  9. The Kerala Limited Edition (28mm)
  10. The Staccato Bandlet-Collection
  11. Wood meets the trent color blue
  12. Shining in the rain