Christoph (Wenge/Tiger's Eye)

Christoph (Wenge/Tiger’s Eye)

Christopher Columbus was able to gain the approval from the Catholic Monarchs of Spain to sail westward across the Atlantic ocean in an effort to reach the east Indies and chart a new route the crown could use to profit in international trade.
Though instead of reaching Japan, Columbus landed in the present-day Bahamas and it is still disputed to what extent he realized that he did not reach Asia.

However, there is no dispute about his legacy as a discoverer, explorer, conquerer, and colonizer. He is credited with bringing back the first account of the "New World" to Europe, and as a result initiated a period of greater exploration and conquest which lasted for centuries and established permanent European ties to the Americas.

Named after this formidable explorer and designed with his thirst for discovery and quest for riches in mind, the Christoph model features a dial made of Tiger’s Eye, a case made of wenge wood, and gold stainless steel accents.


  • Case: 41mm diameter, made of wenge wood
  • Dial: Genuine Tiger’s Eye
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: 20mm width, adjustable length, made of wenge wood
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