Polar Night (Walnut/Sodalite)

Polar Night (Walnut/Sodalite)

High in the northern lands as winter approaches, the sun fades beyond the horizon and a polar night takes its place. For up to 28 days, a deep darkness alternating with a mystic blue light will fill the sky until the sun returns.

Wear the mysterious beauty of a polar night right on your wrist with our model made of walnut wood and mystic blue sodalite.


  • Case: 40mm diameter, made of walnut wood and brushed stainless steel in silver
  • Dial: Genuine blue sodalite
  • Movement: Solar movement by Epson
  • Bracelet: adjustable length, made of walnut and brushed stainless steel in silver

*Our customers loved this model so much it is now completely out of stock and sold out.

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