Twilight (Leadwood/Gold)

Twilight (Leadwood/Gold)

As the sun descends below the horizon it leaves us with generous remnants of warm light bouncing around the lower atmosphere so as to keep the world around us illuminated with the last bits of its radiant strength. This is the golden hour.

The sun dives lower still and we transition into a comfortable, civil twilight. We stay where we are for we know what comes next.

This model is dedicated to that astonishing play of light occuring between dawn and sunrise; sunset and dusk.


  • Case: 45mm diameter, made of leadwood and brushed stainless steel in a gold finish
  • Dial: Leadwood with a fine texture
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: 22mm width, adjustable length, made of leadwood and gold brushed stainless steel

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