Democritus (Amaranth/Leadwood)

Democritus (Amaranth/Leadwood)

The ancient Greek pre-socratic philosopher "Democritus"—whose name literally means "chosen of the people"— is not only considered by some to be the father of modern science, but he is also known as the "laughing philosopher" because he asserted that Euthmyia, or a state of cheerfulness and serenity, should be a prominent goal in one's life.
Already thirsty for knowledge at a young age, Democritus is alleged to have spent his inheritance traveling to distant countries so that he may continue to learn, and after returning to Greece he and his teacher Leuicippus developed their atomic hypothesis and founded what is now atomism. He was also the first to philosopher to posit that the 'Milky Way' is the light of stars finally reaching our perception, and that our universe could in fact be just one part of a multi-verse.

This distinct model made of amaranth and leadwood is dedicated to Democritus and his fundamental contributions to modern philosophy and science.


  • Case: 42mm width, made of amaranth and leadwood
  • Dial: Leadwood with a fine texture
  • Movement: Automatic movement made by Sea-Gull
  • Band: 22mm width, adjustable length, made of amaranth and leadwood
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