Empedocles (Walnut/Sodalite)

Empedocles (Walnut/Sodalite)

Empedocles was a politician, poet, mystic, physician and philosopher. He was a well-respected wise man known for originating the theory of the four classical elements.


This theory contends that all matter is made up of four elements: air, earth, fire, and water, and that these elements are eternally united and separated from each other by the divine powers of love (attraction of different forms of matter) and strife (the cause of their separation.


Our model of walnut wood and striking sodalite symbolizes the interplay of these elemental forces and should serves as a reminder to keep moving and discover new perspectives! 


  • Case: 42mm diameter, made of walnut wood
  • Dial: Genuine, blue sodalite
  • Movement: Automatic movement by Citizen
  • Band: Adjustable length, made of walnut wood

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